If you're interested in any of these items, e-mail us, or write us at:

AMG Audio Abuse
c/o Andrew Greenburg
3506 Watson Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46205

As you can see, the official versions of these things are no longer available, but if you are interested in recordings of any of these, please contact us and we will make arrangements to get this music into your hands.

These are slowly being added to our label page at last.fm for free listening.

amg•01 Sohcahtoa
CD The final moments of Sohcahtoa on earth, in blazing monophonic glory! Or maybe not.
amg•02 Feedback Loop
The Sound of Sound
CD Indianapolis' own swirly noise/pop/drone band has their first full-length. 57 minutes of polished tunes. READ
amg•03/ fact•02 Saraswati
I Decided to Move to Thirty Years Ago
CD Limited pressing of 100. Five songs, thirty-two minutes. From the ashes of Sohcahtoa and In Ano, Saraswati something something. Out of print.
amg•05/ ts•01 Saraswati
CD Saraswati returns to rock with three tracks featuring new drummer Koven Smith, formerly of Blinder. Out of print.
amg•006 Rooms
CD/ DL Intricate rocking pop songs that will get stuck in your head. Buy it from CD Baby